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The R&D Center has achieved 7 invention patents, 3 software copyrights and 8 utility model patents, including 4 PCT invention patents. It is committed to making safer and more environmentally friendly products to solve the disadvantages of gunpowder fireworks, fully remaining the sense of traditional ceremony, and bringing happiness to the whole world through products. Combined with the synergies of the group's existing strategic customer base, it has entered the track of rapid development.Now it has a R&D team of 4 doctors and a number of masters from 985 famous Universities, and has attracted a lot of highly educated, experienced team to join. Besides, it has formed the advantages of senior executives working in listed companies before for many years, postdoctoral senior engineer consultant, and scientific research cooperation with many universities.

R&D Products

  • Host Controller

    Host Controller

  • Wireless Ignition System

    Wireless Ignition System

  • Spark Machine

    Spark Machine

  • Rainfall Machine

    Rainfall Machine

R&D Site

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

  • Quality Testing

    Quality Testing

  • R & D Office

    R & D Office

R&D Lab

  • Composition Test

    Composition Test

  • Quantitative Analysis

    Quantitative Analysis

  • Pure Water Making

    Pure Water Making

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